Creative Marketing Ideas that Looks Promising

creative marketing ideas that looks promising

Every now and then we all feel like there is nothing new at the market.  We often come across with just simple variations of already existing businesses. It’s quite hard to come up with brand-new ideas in the middle of this chaos where everything seems like a copy cat.  But that’s how creative marketing works, you have to challenge yourself.

You just need that spark to encourage you into creative thinking.  We’ve all had our ups and down, it’s important to keep trying until you feel like you hit the jackpot. Well, you’re in luck because we are about to share you with some promising creative marketing ideas to help you get started with your business.

Social Media Creative Marketing Ideas

Social Media is the starting point for any creative marketing as of 2020. Most of the unique ideas become popular through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s a both easy and convenient way to reach out to the majority of the population.  It’s important to let the word out so that your business will get recognition.

1. Organize Giveaways

Giveaways are great source of getting attention online. It’s easy to accomplish because there will be thousands of people joining such a contest to win a prize, I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff?  The trick is to take advantage of the contestants by using them to spread your business. You can ask them to follow your social media accounts, tag their friends or comment one of your posts to become participants. Your focus should be on your business rather than the prize itself.

2. Involve Your Customers into Marketing

Customers’ opinions are valuable to each other because their own comments seem more trustworthy.  By getting rid of the middle man for marketing and using your customers to promote your products is an authentic way to advertise.

You can share pictures of your customers who are using your product as well as their own opinions on them in the social media.  As a result, you will engage with your targeted audience in a close manner. There will feel like they are buying from a real person rather than a business, which is great for sales.

3. Follow Weekly Trends

Try to include your business strategies in weekly trends by following them and sharing your ideas by using popular hashtags.  The more active you are in the community, the faster you will increase your followers.  

Also, don’t be shy to present yourself publicly. It’s better to build your brand around you so that it will seem more intimate compared to being known by just a brand name.

4. Compare Your Accounts with Those of Other Businesses

You don’t want to miss out a great opportunity you might learn from your competitors.  Observe and try to discover their strategies so that you can make necessary adjustments to your own if there is need for it.  You can collect a great deal of data that will be quite beneficial for your business.

5. Podcasts

Podcasting has been getting a lot of attention lately considering the COVID-19 outbreak. People crave for social interactions and watching or listening podcasts seems like a popular choice among the things you can do at your home.  Try to invite someone that will help you attract viewers and talk to them about your product, latest news and whatever you think is an interesting subject.

Content Marketing Ideas

When it comes to creative marketing, you should be well-informed about the power of content marketing as well. It is the approach of creating valuable, related and interest content and distributing them through useful channels.

 It is one of the most commonly used marketing tactics among leading companies of any given market.  From small to large business, it’s an ideal strategy to follow. But what makes it so popular? The answer is simple, it’s simple and effective.

Content marketing offers three major results, which are increased sales, cost savings and customers with high loyalty.

1. Info graphics

Consuming visual data is a lot faster and easier than a plain text. Nobody wants to sit and read for 20 minutes, so you need to find a way to keep them engaged. It’s crucial to find the balance between text and images for your visitors; otherwise they will get bored eventually.

Now in terms of visual elements, info graphics are a wonderful source. Now it may seem a bit difficult to create a unique and interesting one at first, but rest assure that it is a lot easier than it looks.  

All you need is PowerPoint, no need to get fancy and spend lots of money for other programs.  The trick is to use the right set of templates, which our next headline.

2. Useful Templates

Templates are the visual frameworks that can be used for many designs without creating a new one from scratch. It’s really efficient as only thing you need to do is to change the context based on what you want.  Once you understand the basic layout of a template, you can fill it out with ease.

3. Graphs and Charts

This one is well known and simple enough that it doesn’t require explanation. It’s the safest method to represent data. Try to support it with texts and additional explanations for better result, and don’t use it too much to avoid repetition.

4. Listen to Experts

Sometimes things can get out of hand and become difficult to manage on your own. There is nothing wrong with asking help from others, in fact, it is something you should definitely do.

Also, interviewing industry experts and sharing their answers as well as your own comments on them is a solid example of creative marketing.

It creates and interesting environment in which you get to see where you stand in terms of your opinions on a certain matter.

It’s important to criticize your own ideas now and then to find out if there is anything you can do to improve them.

5. Google Search

If you’re having trouble creating content or even coming up with an idea, Google search might help you in the process.

Try to select a keyword and find related combinations that might be interesting for the viewers.

Google will auto complete your term in a query; use it well as a source of new ideas.

6. Analyze Your Data

Sometimes the best strategy is sticking with the reliable. You don’t necessarily have to create new content all the time.

Just take a look at your previous contents and decide which ones are getting the most attention. Once you’ve decided which topics you want to go with, just make sure to make them different enough from others so that people will read it without hesitation.

You can either extent what you have written before to add more information to it or go with a different version that will be interesting for your users. They need feel excited about your content, so you need to deliver that.

7. Beginner Guides

Everybody starts from the beginning; no one wakes up in the morning thinking they will learn everything they want to know in a single day because we all have our starting points.  Basic 101 style guides for any given subject will attract a lot of users who want to improve themselves.  In addition, new users who are in pursuit of something new will tend to check out your other contents after they’ve finished with your beginner guides.

8. Post Hot News

Creating content related with the main theme of your business is logical. But sometimes you need to step out of your habits and post hot news happening all around the world.

If you can manage to find out about the ones that are somehow related with your content, that’ll be even better! You can show your users that you are aware of what’s going on with the world.

9. National Days

If you create specific content on national days such as Mother’s day with a relevant hashtag on social media, you will definitely be happy with the results.

Creative Marketing Ideas

We’ve shown a variety of different ideas that are all unique in their own fields.  Most of them are fairly easy to implement into your creative marketing ideas and strategies.

We suggest you to take each and every one of them and use it with your own approach that will be in line with your principles.

If you manage to twist them with an exceptional way, you will create something that your users will not only love but also look forward to. Make sure to check out our other articles if you liked what you found here.